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Holy Light

My daughter Julia Renee and I

share some of our Christmas

favorites and our own
original songs

Music by John's daughter

Julia Renee

Simply put, this album is my personal journey with God over the past five years in song. 


It’s the tension between knowing that He is in control and seeing all the chaos surrounding us.


It’s learning to hear His voice and trust that He’s still speaking even when we can’t see.​

-Julia Renee

The Real Thing

God is not far away

Not a fairytale

Not a cosmic killjoy

He is the designer, creator, and sustainer of all things

He is here

He is real

The Real Thing is one voice making His presence known


U and Me

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U and Me

This world is filled with too much hate, too much fighting, and not nearly enough love.

How do we start to make things better?

It starts with you and me.

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