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A Lost Love

September 17, 2017


She was a vibrant twenty-year-old full of joy and brimming with passion.

He was her world, her sturdy prince who loved her deeply.

All of life was ahead of them, and love was their path and their goal.

But her world veered from the path into an oncoming semi. 

The light was gone, and life became a living death, spiraling into wasted dreams into heartache and disease.

But her end wasn't her end. Beneath the shattered joy and spent passions, she found an anchor. The sturdy, determined woman deep inside her resurrected her, and life began again.

The life wasted on drugs and men turned to a life devoted to raising her children alone. Determined and unstoppable, she built a humble yet sturdy life for her family.

In her forties, another piece of her died when she buried her son and disability overtook her body.

Ultimately, time and age had beaten her body, and pulse and respirations ceased.

Most never knew her, and if they did, they saw a cranky old lady.

I look at her and see that vibrant twenty-year-old full of joy and brimming with passion.


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