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Time to Kneel

So many words

So many emotions

So much going on

Weariness replaces wonder

Languishing replaces love

Hate replaces hope

Fear replaces freedom

It doesn't have to be this way

It shouldn't be this way

It can't be this way

When our fears and frustrations distract and divide us

When our wills build walls and wage wars

When our hurts become bigger than our hearts

It's time to not only take a stand

It's time to kneel

It's time to pray

I don't have the answers

I don't even know all the questions

I don't want to know

I want to surrender my doubts

I want to lay down my burdens, my ill will, my negativity and hostility

I want to fall on my knees and beg the mercies of heaven to shower us with humility and wisdom

I want love to conquer hate

And it will

I want hope to drown fear

And it will

I want our dreams to bury our nightmares And they will

When we relax our fists, unfold our hands, fold them together and offer our hearts, our hurts, and our thoughts in prayer

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