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Crazy Christmas

When I wrote this song, I tried to imagine all the things that drive me crazy about Christmas yet connect with all the things I love about Christmas. I pictured myself window shopping in an old town square. Strings of over-sized white lights stretch from every building and every street corner toward the courthouse, making an idyllic Christmas tree. Wreaths on doorways. Garland on street lamps.

I walk past a shop, bumping into other shoppers. Everyone bundled up. Frosty breath. Shoulder rubbing and hopping for warmth.

Noses pressed against store windows. Lines forming for door-busters.

And in all the hustle-and-bustle, I stop in front of a busy window. People crowding to see the latest-and-greatest. The display packed. Overwhelming.

But nestled in a back corner, I see a tiny nativity draped in lights. Almost unnoticed. Almost undetectable. Smothered with noise and lights.

Then I wrote

Another crazy Christmas, workin' on my list

Wonderin' what gifts to buy

Runnin' past a window filled with decorations

Something else caught my eye

Jesus in a manger, lights all around Him

Noise and hustle are tryin' to drown Him

And I felt like I heard Him say

Be still

Even for just a moment

Breathe again

Fall in My arms wide open

The baby in the manger - now in your heart

Never meant for you to fall apart

Breathe now

I am here now

When you listen to Crazy Christmas, I hope you feel the gentle tug and whisper to be still, to breathe, and to fall into the arms meant to give you peace and strength.

I wish you a calm, peaceful Christmas.

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