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Freedom Dies

Alfie Evans lost his battle for life. His parents were denied their pursuit of happiness, their liberty to choose a reasonable treatment pathway or even to take their son home, and Alfie was denied his chance at life.

The  issues are not fundamentally policy or politics but philosophy and sovereignty.

America’s founding fathers were no more or less perfect than we are. They were flawed in their ways and thinking like every generation, but they understood those flaws and their source, and they dreamed of establishing a government of the people where no man and no elite group could pretend to be sovereign because God is sovereign, and He is no respecter of persons but gives basic rights to all humans.

They established a foundation to ensure those basic human rights for generations to come. The backbone of liberty as they perceived it was God’s sovereignty over government.

When we look across the pond this morning, we see a nation grieving not just the death of one of their sons but the death of freedom.

When the state presumes sovereignty over God, government no longer protects liberty but defines it, governs it, buries it.

The tighter we grip power the easier freedom slips from our grasp.May we understand that freedom and the simple value and respect for life and liberty come not from us but from the heart and intent of the Creator who made us.

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