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Tiny Blush of Sunlight

The lives of two desperate slaves collide with a complacent Charleston attorney in this pre-Civil War story. All three must come to grips with their hopes, dreams, and fears and work together to find freedom.

George Morgan lives a comfortable keep-your-nose-clean life, but as a reluctant abolitionist, he can't escape the harsh realities of slavery. 

Nkembe and Gullah T live those harsh realities every day and long for a way out. They will do whatever it takes to find freedom, but they can't do it alone.

Author's Note: Some of John Matthew Walker's ancestors fought against slavery with cunning and patience, smuggling slaves across state lines.

Their brave stories inspired him to write Tiny Blush of Sunlight.

The story is fiction, but it holds true to the ideals of his ancestors and the complex history of the antebellum period.

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